My signature graze the Best of the NorthWest Graze is a ultra luxe Manchester Bee themed grazing experience that combines

  • 8-10 seasonal selections of award-winning cheeses
  • 8-10 choices of premium charcuterie
  • Manchester Bee Honey Infused Cornbread
  • locally-baked breads & crispbreads
  • antipasti, dips & spreads
  • seasonal fruits & vegetables 
  • homemade sweets & treats
  • fresh cut honeycomb
  • edible garnishes


Optional extras include Feature Seafood, Individual Gourmet Desserts, Custom Message Cookies, and Special Requests, which turn any NorthWest Graze into a deliciously impressive and thoughtful gift.


All Grazes and optional extras ordered will be artistically styled together onto One impressive Grazing Board unless otherwise requested. The more servings and extras added, the larger the final Graze board, ranging from 26cm up to 65cm in size.

Best of the NorthWest Graze

PriceFrom £24.00